We would like to thank the following people for kindly allowing us to use the audio tracks featured on this website!


"Pelican Rising" - From the Album of the same title, by the Alex Eberhard Trio. Composed by Steve Thompson, and featuring the musicians: Mark Edwards (Piano), Steve Thompson (Double Bass), and Alex Eberhard (Drums). http://www.alexeberhard.com


"Brandy and Beer" - From the album of the same title, by Sharp & Fowler. Featuring the work of Al Cohn, and performed by Karen Sharp and Robert Fowler. http://www.karensharp.com/


"First Class"  & "You Go To My Head" - From The Good Vibes @ 10 CD, recorded live at Steyning Jazz Club. Featuring the line up of: Peter Burton (Drums), Dave Jones (Vibes), Frank Taylor (Guitar), Peter Godfrey (Piano), Chris Macdonald (Reeds), and Steve Thompson. With Denis Cummings (Reeds) on "You Go To My Head".